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Inner Beauty Matters: Skincare, Hair care, and Nail Care Supplements

Pills that make beauty claims are here to stay. Countless consumers set New Year’s self-care goals earlier this month, and many of those center on supplements and beauty-from-within products. Consumer interest in powders and pills, teas and tinctures, dissolvable tablets and gummies is at an all-time high.

So Many Beauty Brands are Launching Supplements

Some of the more compelling new ingestible beauty products to come onto the market recently, include: gummies from the superfood supplement brand 8 Greens, a vegan hyaluronic acid skincare capsule from Taut, a Renew Alliance brand; and (if we look beyond the past few months), there seems to be an endless supply of vitamins, beverages, and mix-in powders that promise some kind of skincare, haircare, or overall beauty benefits.

I’m thinking of Avon’s launch of the Espira line of beauty-from-within and wellness products of

in early 2018, of Hum Nutrition’s dissolvable collagen tablets that debuted later that same year, and of the indie beauty brand Well Within which launched 2 inside-out skin wellness supplements in the summer of 2018 as well.

Supplement Brands are Testing Out the Cosmetics, Personal Care, and Wellness Industries

I am also thinking of the custom vitamin service Persona, which began as a company called Vitamin Packs, accepted a sizable investment from L Catterton, added a beauty supplement to its portfolio in late 2018, and was acquired by Nestle just last year.

Beauty and Wellness Have Converged in Consumer Minds

Beverages and tablets and capsules that make skincare, hair care, and beauty claims are part of our new normal. Probiotics have even crossed over from the gut health space to the skincare market. And, I anticipate that we’ll continue to see beauty–from–within be an important piece of consumers’ skincare routines and lifestyle habits for some time to come.

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