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Young and Beautiful: Marketing Personal Care to Kids, Tweens, and Teens

Kids personal care brands are on the rise. For the most part, the beauty industry at-large is trying to move away from consumer demographics and zero in instead on the tastes and product benefits that here-to-fore undefined consumer groups are looking for.

At the same time, innovative indie beauty entrepreneurs have been creating brands for discrete segments of young people, for kids, tweens, teens, college-age individuals and other similar peer groups.

Up and Coming Beauty Consumers

Some of these young people, like those buying from brands such as Higher Education Skincare, Blume self-care products, and the impertinent personal care products brand TBH Kids are consumers in-and-of themselves.

Beauty Purchasing Decision Makers

Other brands in this space are connecting with parents and caregivers, who are seeking out products that meet the needs and grant the wishes of the young people that eventually use and enjoy these products.

Here, I am thinking of indie beauty brands like the startup, blend-it-yourself bath line Dabble & Dollop, like the luxury mother-and-baby line called Little Butterfly London, and, the new EWG-verified baby brand Pipette, which is made by a division of the biotech company Amyris, known for its vegan squalane ingredient as well as for the Adult skincare line Biossance.

More Beauty and Personal Care for Young People

So I for one, am on the lookout for more brands that are finding clever ways of connecting with young consumers.

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