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Will Health Care & Beauty Care Soon Be One and The Same?

Wellbeing is set to define the future of beauty. Every conversation I have lately ends up turning to wellbeing.

It doesn’t matter if I’m speaking with ingredient makers, with brand leaders, with event producers, or with product formulators, wellbeing seems to be all we’re talking about in beauty right now.

Wellbeing, as I am hearing it discussed, is a step beyond wellness and beauty-from-within and self-care. And if you’re a regulatory or claims expert, it’s dangerously close to healthcare and drug claims. Nonetheless, news outlets, consumers, brand, and even suppliers are putting ‘beauty’ in direct conversation with human health.

Investment Firms and Multinational Ingredient Makers are Investing in Wellness

This wellbeing trend or movement is about a more holistic approach personal care and skin health. And it crosses into the mental health as well.

Ingredient companies already commonly serve both the beauty and healthcare or pharma industries; and several recent investment and acquisition deals seems to indicate that this overlap will continue.

Vertellus, a specialty chemicals manufacturing company based in Indianapolis, Indiana, is an example of a supplier that serves both the health care and personal care industries. And Vertelllus was acquired at the start of the year by Pritzker Private Capital.

Another notable deal that made headlines in January is German specialty chemicals company Evonik’s acquisition of Wilshire Technologies. That deal strengthened both Evonik’s cosmetic actives business and their health care business.

Research from Beauty Ingredient Makers Foregrounds Wellbeing

New ingredient technologies also highlight the traction that wellbeing and a more holistic approach to skincare and to skin health are gaining.

Verdure Sciences is promoting its new Maplifa ingredient for its support of skin health. Maplifa is an extract of red maple leaf and has the INCI name Acer rubrum.

While innovative biotech companies are researching and developing technologies that act on the skin-brain axis and leverage the benefits of oxytocin. This is true of the KANNABIA SENSE skincare ingredient from Vytrus Biotech and the skincare ingredient called CIRCALYS from Greentech.

Wellbeing is Paramount for an Important Subset of Beauty Brands

Forward thinking consumer goods brands like AveSeena and Immunocologie have been in this wellbeing space for years, selecting active ingredients and developing delivery mechanisms that bring skin immunity science to skin care product formulations.

I spoke with Karen Ballou, Founder of Innunocologie, just this week and she told me that consumers are more intrigued with the brand than ever, seeking all forms of products that can help their immune system, and concerned about the effects of inflammation on the skin.

Ebru Karpuzoglu, Founder of AveSeena, also sees demand and potential when it comes to skincare formulas that can address the signs of skin aging that come from stress-induced micro inflammation—or so called inflamaging.

Newer brands innovating at the intersection of beauty and health include VIVIQ Skin Health, which builds upon the Extra Cellular Matirix technology developed by a company called Xylyx Bio. The brand’s first product, an Advanced Dermal Repair Cream, is formulated with proprietary peptides is marketed as an antiaging product but acts on photo-damage, oxidation, and scarring.

And the skincare brand SELFMADE, founded by Stephanie Lee in the summer of 2019, is a brand that’s helping educate consumers about mental health and about the connection between emotional wellbeing and the skin.

The brand’s first product—Secure Attachment Comfort Serum—is formulated with an active ingredient proven to lower cortisol (the stress hormone) in skin cells.

Wellbeing Overlaps with Microbiome Beauty and Beauty Supplement Benefits

And there’s more to come in the beauty and wellbeing, be on the lookout for microbiome beauty to become more nuanced as the human virome and the mycobiome are better understood. And listen up for the term exposome to be a beauty buzz world in the months ahead too.

The beauty-from-within category will also continue to grow in relation to wellbeing and skin health. As we’ve seen with collagen in many global markets, popular topical ingredients are becoming supplements. In Asia, hyaluronic acid supplements have picked up notable momentum and are available in and beyond the APAC region in liquid and capsule form. If this momentum continues to build, wellbeing will be the only thing that matters in beauty.

What are you hearing about wellbeing and beauty?

You’re welcome to leave a comment below or message me with your thoughts and ideas.

Until next time, Thanks for watching DUviews.

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