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Deodorants are In The News

The Beauty Insights newsletter topic of the month for July 2023 was deodorants. Here is a summary of all the news, and brand spotlights, and other deo-related resources that were shared in the newsletter.

Two founder-owned personal care brands were featured in Brand Spotlight blog posts this month: Hygiene Hero and Nala Care.

The Next Decade of Deodorants and Anti-Perspirants

"In our modern moment, wellness, hygiene, and aroma are more central than ever, which means there’s a big opportunity here for deodorants and antiperspirants to take on a new importance in the marketplace and to meet beauty consumer expectations head on.

"If we look at these overarching trends—wellness, personal hygiene, aroma therapy, and let’s add self-care here too—and, if we consider skincare and hair care as top performing categories through the pandemic, we start to get a sense of what sorts of deodorant innovations will appeal to beauty consumers today and in the future...."

At Cosmoprof North America this month, Barcelona-based HAAN is showing a collection of refillable personal care products, including a refillable roll-on deodorants in 3 scents. The refill comes in spouted pouches; and the top of the applicator bottle twists off just above the deco, allowing consumers to pour in more deodorant.

🤖AI Deo Formulation

A few months back, Duradry, the US-based brand known for its line of products that address excess sweating (or hyperhidrosis) launched a new product formula developed with the help of Chat GPT.

The artificial intelligence chatbot apparently allowed the brand to integrate consumer-expectation data into it formulation decisions in a whole new way: “We're proud to be the first brand to use AI to formulate beauty products,” says Jack Benzaquen, founder of Duradry, in a press release (also developed using Chat GPT) circulated in April.

“With the help of ChatGPT,” adds, Benzaquen “we're creating a product that is not only highly effective but also more natural than the products offered by legacy brands.”

While Duradry is making the claim of being first among beauty brands to formulate using AI, the technology has been part of our industry’s tool box for many years now. Personalized product brands like Proven and Prose and others use AI in their product development process.

And Perfect Corp, for instance, uses artificial intelligence to provide skin analysis through an app; Ginkgo Bioworks puts AI to work in support of its cell engineering and molecule manufacturing endeavors; and AI has shown up here in recent news items I’ve shared in the Beauty Insights newsletter about MeNow and how the tech company is using AI to predict the effects and benefits of beauty ingredients; about how Cosmax has developed AI tech to quantifiably determine the texture of a product; and about how OTC skincare brand Codex Labs is using AI tech for consumer skin analysis and “data-driven skin health management.”

🎁Packaging Personal Care

Qosmedix, a packaging company also known for supplying single-use applicators for spas and makeup artists, recently added two new designs to their line of deodorant containers. The new packages target sustainability and safety.

The black container, pictured below, is a 31 gram, black, twist-up bottom-fill round made from 30% PCR. Qosmedix expects customers moving away from virgin plastic will appreciate this packaging option. And a press release that Qosmedix marketing specialist Jamie Parkan shared with me notes that, “The container has a convenient inner protective cover built into the cap which offers added protection and creates a smooth dome shape during the filling process.”

Also shown below is a 31 gram deo container with a child-resistant closure (push-down and turn). The company points out that this design is “great for CBD products and other formulations that are potentially harmful or hazardous.”


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